Sunday, April 16, 2006

night at café

I did something incredibly, unbelievably, immeasurably stupid today. Never mind that it ended up all good, more or less. It remains a sad and undeniable fact that I end up doing these stupid things all the time.
How did I ever survive this far? I need a permanent watchdog, methinks.
I just agreed to go out, at night, and meet someone in person whom I'd only met online. Set aside the fact that I knew him from school. (Who is to say that he was, indeed, the person he purported to be?)
Naïvete (i need an umlaut here, someone. [never mind, i got one. thank you ms word]) does not even begin to cover this. The very least I can say in my defense is that I chose to meet in a public place - my stupidity apparently stops short of agreeing to meet at a pub (or does it?)
So. There I was at a coffee bar in the middle of the night; alone; having left the house early so that it wouldn't seem suspicious; having misled my poor fond parent into thinking I was meeting a bunch of friends instead of a single acquaintance; and wondering, poor sap that I am, how I'd get home in case he didn't show. The thought of walking back home through the dark streets that first put these pleasant thoughts into my head was not particularly appealing.
Characteristically, the thing that really got my goat was the fact that I hadn't had the forethought to carry pen and paper (I always carry pen and paper when I expect to be waiting, crap crap crappity, yes i like that word don't bug me)
Hence, I was reduced to recording my thoughts by the simple expedient of snagging a napkin from a nearby table and then running in to borrow a pen every time a new thought struck me. I was going to rewrite it all, but I believe I will reduce my work load to simply transcribing (with minor edits).
The first time is the best time...

9:30 pm
How am I so na
ïve? Do tell. I agreed to meet someone in person whom I'd only met online. What was I thinking?? Jesus. Well. Let's see where it goes. Smart move, T.
9:38 pm
Clandestine night-time meetings. Mata Hari sans the seductive SA. Meanwhile, it is fun to see the people who hang out here at this time of the night. There is an actual reunion of sorts going down behind me, and a sizeable number of canoodling couples. Also wonder if they can ALL tell I'm here waiting for a guy. I would. In fact, I'd be all - shit-check-out-that-chick-i'll-bet-she-snuck-out-of-the-house-to-
Damn, damn, damn my innate hate of the hypocritic
[no, not hippocratic. that would have been punny, though] Damn it to hell. Now I'm no better, and never more may I derive satisfaction and amusement from scoffing at lone wolves waiting for their coffee companions, alas.
I think the absolute worst is the fact that not a single waiter has come to take my order. Oh the ignominy of having all and sundry know you won't be ordering till the person you're waiting for gets there...
9:45 pm
Does MD
[on a license plate] actually mean doctor? Who knows. Hmm. This [at this point, i was typing my thoughts onto my phone. partly because i didn't want to go in and ask for the pen again, partly because the napkin was showing signs of wear and tear] isn't as good as pen and paper, but not bad.
I don't feel like a loser waiting here, tho'. Why is that? If I'd been waiting for a known friend. perhaps? In this case, I was very very early, and also not expected. And totally stupid, too. Have I considered how I'm getting home?? It does not get more abysmally stupid than this. And no pen??!!? Unforgivable. Bloody t9. Pen I need a pen. How? I never leave without a pen, dammit.

That's the end of the rambling.
The man made it; I made a complete ass of myself; I got dropped home in style and in time. Another typical day-in-the-life.

How do people survive without a sense of humour? Tell me.
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