Friday, April 21, 2006


Prepare harp.
Will I never learn?
Once again, I make the mistake of judging others by myself.
Once again it's back to gossip and slander and a bad name that precedes you wherever you go.
On the whole, I think I preferred it when I was considered an uptight bullying bossy bitch in school to whatever it is that's being said about me out there (wherever that is).
My naïvete in thinking that everyone goes about making friends the same way as I do is, frankly, apalling.

No, everyone doesn't give a person the benefit of the doubt.
Not everyone believes in second chances.
Everyone doesn't always understand you.
Everyone can't tell the difference between the joke and the serious statement.
Everyone talks about people. You are one of a perhaps non-existent minority that thinks that spreading stories about others is wrong; who thinks some things should be figured out before they're aired publicly; who thinks dirty laundry should only refer to fabric.

The tragedy of this is that I've been there, done that; and I still fall into the same hole. The experiences I had in school shaped much of my philosophy as it stands today - my belief in people, my willingness to give everyone a second chance, my reluctance to gossip. Now, once again, I stick my head out there and get it lopped off. Ow. Life wasn't meant to be this hard, was it?
Perhaps eternal optimism is overrated.

P.S. wake up, love. it's morning.

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