Saturday, April 29, 2006

a design adventure, or, the first post with pictures

I smelt adventure yesterday. As soon as I decided I was going to SJC Road for to purchase a RAM chip. I mean, just saying the works "buy" "I" "alone" "RAM" "no car" got me thinking of a blog tonight at least half a page long. As my loyal readers (hopefully) probably construe, nothing went according to plan.
Firstly, I had no money. No one at home had any money. This always stuns me. Why don't we have large piles of cash lying around the house come a Sunday? I want to know. Dad suggested I draw it from the ATM near the bus stop. I was ready early, so I said yes.
Next, the scooter refused to start. Why? No petrol. However, ready early, remember? Hence, no problem. I walked down the road with all attendant paraphernelia (incidentally, these adventures almost always occur on design days. is it a sign???), caught an auto and made it to the bus stop with a few minutes to spare.
Then, I decided to leave my bag on the bus (lunch bag, lunch bag, thank god only lunch bag) and complete the transactions. Can anyone sing "big mistake" to the tune of Stupid girl by Garbage?
Because of course the ATM was occupied. And of course the gentleman inside took ten whole minutes to find out that the teller machine was out of order. And of course I had to go in and see for myself.
And of course I missed the bus.
What's left to tell? Little spy-thrillerish chasing of the bus: first in a BTS, then in an autorickshaw, while simultaneously conducting frantic messaging to various persons (alright, one person) on the bus. Then, when I started hyperventilating at the waste of money, I got off at the next public bus stop I saw, fuming. I was fully prepared to go to college in the same foul mood and take it out on everyone I saw. The prospect of snapping off the heads of some of my classmates was in the process of being woven into a pleasant daydream, when boom! I met an old school friend I hadn't seen in ages. Now, this is a girl I've known since we were both in kindergarten together; in fact, she loves to tell of this one memorable incident where I pinched her arm for some reason when we were both five (yeah, I was a little spitfire as a kid), while I love to remember this one incident when she was the only one to give me a card for my thirteenth birthday.
I love how life can always turn around and cheer the hell out of you just when your mind is made up to be miserable (thanks to my IG's. and my new family. and my old family.)
After the first catching up (we hadn't talked for ages. more irony, because we both go to the same college) we did - alright, she did - a little networking and wangled a ride for me in a third friend's car.
It was a good morning. M.G. Road pre-mad-rush; stupid chom auto driver who got me all riled up, coming as he did post my "why can't we get along" reaction to the torpedoes; reminiscences of school times and creepy guys; catching up on the current status of friends' love lives; talking about the future. A funny moment was when two of my classmates landed up, one within ten minutes of the other, outside JdP where we were waiting for our ride. Turns out they were hitching too... coincidences, i love.

Here be camels. We were at Anil Kumble circle and they were on the other side of the road. We were moving when I took this picture. I think it is not bad for a motion still.

My design review went off unsatisfactorily, because it turns out that I hadn't given enough thought to the connectivity. Three individual ideas with potential, I was told. No coherence.
After that came the trip to K.R. Market. I'd missed the college bus as I stayed back to discuss a few more thoughts I came up with, so I grabbed the first 222 that came along.

Why did i take this picture? I don't know.

Once I got to Market, I proceeded to the next step in my plan of world domination, viz. the location of an SBI ATM. After dodging buses and other sundry vehicles, I decided to up the ante on the adventure factor and use the underpass for the first time in three years. Which was slightly depressing, because it was clean, well-lit and, tragically, empty.

Except for this guy:

(and the slimy guys blocking the entrance who ogled everything with breasts that moved past them. are you looking for a picture? like hell I'd take a picture of those creeps)

Once I got to Avenue Road, I asked for the nearest ATM. Turns out it was back near Victoria Hospital. After the slightly unnerving experience with aforementioned creeps, I decided to follow the crowd and take my chances on the main road.
Got to Victoria hospital, and asked two policewomen where the nearest ATM was. Promptly and in true Bangalore fashion, they grumbled, "Gothilla". It was past two, and I was hot, hungry, thirsty, tired and broke. I trudged into the hospital campus, hoping for help from more knowledgable persons. Saw the medical students in the midst of their hunger strike, and ran into none other than Shwetal. How, how, how? more coincidence! oh, joy.

Yes! It is indeed Shwetal from CNN-IBN. I know her. I am way cool.
The little bit of white you see is part of my shirt.
The creepy guy in the background is just some random dude who wants his leer captured for all eternity.
I claim no relation.

After a chat and a photo, I finally got the right directions to the ATM. Which wasn't working. So I went home.
So much for my adventure buying RAM.

(On an aside, I finally bought the hard drive today [saturday, apr 29]. Also broke a ribbon on the computer and had to go buy a new one. The inside of a CPU is jolly. The RAM is still in the works and depends entirely on Suman. I also saw a dead bird. It was tragic and beautiful.)

dead bird

the end.
actually posted on Sunday, May 7, 2006; 7:40 AM.

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