Monday, April 17, 2006

must. stop. incessant. blogging...

Yeah, riiiight.
I have absolutely no willpower and even less discipline.
However, I will confine this to
- a scream that begged to be blogged RIGHT THIS INSTANT (actually it's been begging since this morning and i could only hold out this long)
- a li'l titbit that will prove once and for all that I will never win against the universe.

First, the scream

Did you know that someone
found my blog
read it
liked it

yes, it is true
Do you know what this means??? ()()() is what it means.

Now, the titbit
I have three submissions tomorrow. The first is the final presentation of the project we were working on with the Germans, which I'll have to do from scratch because, well, because. (read between the grouse (grouses? grice? (?) or horse)) .
The second is an interior design project that I think I'm getting the hang of, but for which I have, as yet, not put pencil to paper.
The third, and definitely the most important, is my design. As befitting my normal mode of work, I have not looked at my design sheets in ten days. The workshop, you understand. Tomorrow's the review, I'll just go over the sheets tonight. Well, the sheets were nowhere to be found. After turning the house upside down in a space of 35 minutes; recklessly deciding to go out for an icecream as I had no sheets and then rejecting that wise decision; and then storming around the house in a towering, but silent, rage while my poor father checked the insides of both the cars; I decided to come online and waste some time.
Voila! Within ten minutes, I realized my enormous faux pas, called my mother, and retrieved my sheets from where she'd stashed them while in a frenzied fit of cleaning the day before she left for Pondicherry with my sister.
What do you know?? It's all good as usual!!!

The moral(s):
1. When in doubt, blog
2. When in trouble, chill
3. This may not work if you are not me
4. Knowing the IGs, it may not work for me, either
5. See 1.


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