Sunday, April 23, 2006

chumma things

a. the big f
So, like, check it, yeah?
Today I went over to a friend's place to take photos of their china cabinet (don't ask). On the way home, I saw the person in the backseat of the car in front of me roll down the window, and then, out came a banana peel splat onto the road. Now I know banana peels are bio-degradable. I know this. However, the extreme heat and lack of adequate protection having got to my head, I was suddenly struck by the CRAIZIE. Then, as fate would have it, the car reached the next signal just as it turned red!!! I promptly zoomed ahead to where the peel was lying on the road, and picked it up (no, really). All caution thrown to the winds, I sped the old Kinetic Honda up to the car (as an aside, i wish all my vehicles weren't so old and unprepossessing *sigh*) and knocked on the window.
I managed to say "Aapka kuch...gir gaya" (no, really!!! it was freakin' insane, dude) trying to look as snooty as I possibly could. And this while I was wearing a stupid blue fu-fu (what is the right term?) cap, covered with white stars; and a chunni on top of it. I really know how to pick my moments.
The old guy inside gave me one flabbergasted look, the lights changed to green, and the car drove off, leaving me with a banana peel in my hand. What a waste of a beautifully executed scene, I thought.
Then, I spotted this majorly cute guy across the intersection with a huge insane grin on his face. That cheered me up right away. Majorly cute guy, this post is for you. I can't tell you my full name or where I live or my phone number, but I will tell you that I think you are MAJORLY CUTE. Please ignore my strange attire today and the fact that I was holding a plantain peel in my hand. I have it on excellent authority that I am "gorgeous", "extremely pretty" and "cute".
Knowing my luck, he'll probably turn out to be still in school, or an axe-murderer, or something of that nature.

b. the mensan

so, like, anyway.
i got this message on my orkut scrapbook, right? this dude was all - hey i seen your face. and he don't have no pic or nothing on his profile. so i'm all: this guy is weird. buzz off weirdo. only i didn't say it i just totally ignored him. then, he like does some name dropping, and i'm like hmm, maybe who is he and all. so i did a little checking on his blog (yeah, like, everyone has a blog now dude. like, witness me, yeah?) turns out he's the mensa test coordinator! for bangalore and all this time i was totally bummin' that the results weren't out, and i was like checking the webpage every alternate day and shit and it said "tentative date = April 15" for like a month and here was this guy just a friend away. so i told him: dude, i like totally wrote that test in feb 2006 yeah that's two months ago, didn't know my face was so memorable haha when are the results out already, at least change the date on the site. and he's all oh so you wrote the test huh maybe you should check the website before you scrap *chuckle* such is life. and i'm like what? and went to the website and the date was changed! and i was all: that is like some sweet coincidence there, my friend!
and he was all, like, such is life *chuckle* for like all the posts after that.

*sigh* such is life

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