Saturday, April 8, 2006

delayed fuse

It is a wonderful life. Wonderful. Why? Just. Here is today's post:

No matter what time this is posted, it is, in fact, only just past eleven in the morning on a gloriously sunny Saturday. We just finished our photography class, and I found myself at the proverbial loose end when it came to work to do. I’m on call for the Germany steel symposium, (meaning that I have no idea when, where, or indeed, if, I am to meet the delegates for the proposed site visit) and the network at the college browsing centre is down. I have brought no work to college today, I have nothing to read, and I cannot occupy my time by trying to find out which of my friends is online so I can exchange meaningless typeface. In short, I’m typing this out more as a way to occupy my time than due to any overpowering literary urges.

What really amused me enough to begin this particular post is the attitude of my fellow college mates at this place. They have sunk, one and all, into that state of mind you can reach only when you’ve prepared yourself to do a certain item of work in a specified time and then are broadsided by unexpected circumstances. In other words, they’re basically shooting the moon. When I entered fifteen minutes ago, I noticed a large number of people playing some game or the other. This in itself was rather unusual – the most common thing you see on all the monitors is usually orkut or gmail or google. By the time I’d switched computers three times and seen eleven people doing inanely, insanely pointless things on their computers (including a couple of people who were apparently browsing through the entire hard drive of the systems they were working on – one guy got lucky and actually found some animation of a questionable nature which I, unfortunately, was also privy to) I figured out that there was something wrong with the network. Upon conducting some discreet enquiries, it turned out that everyone here already knew that all important fact. Naturally, they were all under the impression that, if they stuck it out long enough, eventually they’d be able to leave their minesweeper, solitaire or anime porn and get back to the all-important task of messaging bunty or babli or whomever it is that they are giving up their break to contact online. (True love. Ain’t it touching?)

Also worthy of note is the fact that no one told me. I realize that this a recurring theme of my life (witness the incident involving the twelfth member of the steel squad) but it seems amazing to me that all these people are willing to allow some poor unsuspecting sap to wander in and spend anywhere from five minutes to forty five discovering what they could easily have been told as soon as they’d entered the place. Of course, I have to admit that in the half-hour that I’ve been here, I haven’t exactly kept an eye out for any of the saps myself…

The rest of this post needs to be in random thoughts. I’ll end this one with a final scream – I want to check my mail! I want to check my scraps! I want to see if I can find Sanju on gtalk, the bastard! I want to update my bloody blog!

I think that’s the sum total of it. They’re all pretty much interrelated, though. Do one, gotta do the others.

Blogging seems to agree with me.

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