Thursday, April 20, 2006


People can really screw with your head.
Take any random person. I mean anyone.
Someone you know. Someone you don't know. (covering all bases, i am)
Every person in your world has the potential, and capability, to take all that you've figured out about them, and people, and the world in general, and turn it on its head.

Random strangers can make me cry.
(Well, alright, anyone can make me cry. I cry far too easily, in my opinion. But then again, I laugh easily, too, so what would you?)

This is a topic I've wanted to write about for, I don't know, four years. Ever since I joined architecture, in fact. The public transport in this city has given me more to think about than all other factors together.
My (mis)adventures bus-wise have ranged from the comical to the poignant. Here's a list, pell-mell any which way.
  • the time I fell asleep on the bus and landed up in Kengeri.
  • the time I waited twenty minutes for the exact bus that would take me practically to my doorstep, and got a free full body massage and steam room combined for my troubles
  • the time I took the wrong bus(this was in the early days, before I came to know the transit system like - well, let's say, like the back of the hand of my second cousin's wife) and then, finding it had passed the most ideal stop, decided to wait and see where it would end up
  • the time we were asked to go to college on a holiday, and I borrowed money from a woman sitting next to me because I'd forgotten to carry any money, and had to -
  • [this deserves a post all its own i'd forgotten all about it i love you internet watch this spot folks]
  • the times I got up to give place to old ladies, and travelled home standing and glowing with pride
  • the time I got up to give a seat to an old lady and saw it taken by a man, whom I then chewed out, much to my satisfaction
  • all the times I've gotten men to give up their places in the "ladies' section"
  • all the times I haven't
  • the time a mother and daughter got separated across nearly a kilometer because the daughter got off at the stop but the mother couldn't till the next one
  • the time three women sat on a seat for two, and then yelled at everyone around them, and the driver into the bargain, for daring to ask one of them to stand
  • all the times I've taken the buses that only go partway home, and the walking home after
  • the times I've paid for fellow passengers
  • the time a guy tried to rub up against and got my elbow in his chest.
  • all the times that men have sat next to me, and I've travelled in a state of paranoia till they got up
What a concept.

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