Thursday, April 6, 2006

the late ms. me

Two days ago, I decided to drive the car to college for the first time since my driving license had been approved (yes, it is a shame that I didn't get my driving license till I was 21). I picked up a classmate on the way (with his ton and a half of models), and everything worked out fine.
The next day, I decided to go late to college.

Now, I have recently (well, alright, today) come to the conclusion that "T decides to go late to college" always seems to be code for "the universe shall decide to mess with T today".
For instance, there was the time I fell asleep in the auto-rickshaw I'd taken and landed up in National Market instead of K.R. Market, where I'd been headed. Or the time I fell asleep on the bus and landed up at Kengeri Satellite town, having missed my stop five kilometres prior. The time I took an auto which overturned on Airport Road, putting me in the hospital with four stitches in my scalp. The time I left all the sheets I had for submission that day on a public bus.
In fact, it seems almost incredible that I hadn't arrived at this conclusion four semesters ago!

Suffice it to say, I did not realize this particular law of the "Secret Code of the Universe" that morning; and hence I set out from home, in the fourteen-year-old Maruti 800 that I'm allowed to drive, in full confidence that I would be not more than an hour late for my design studio.
Naturally, the car started giving trouble within half an hour of my leaving the house. Instead of immediately reading the signs, heading home and plopping in front of the television, I soldiered on like the trooper I am. And was promptly rewarded by the car stopping dead near the aforementioned K.R. Market (and all savvy Bangaloreans know what a perfect slice of heaven that is). Needless to say, I did not get to college on time, or even get to discuss my design.

{ Which, by the way, I have to work on for tomorrow's class, so I will have to end this rant with another wise observation:
The universe has decided that it is best for me to be on time. Either I have an uneventful, ordered life by doing the same (as I had, incidentally, for the 16 years before I joined architecture) or I find fresh fodder in my multiple adventures on the high road. Which do you think it should be?}

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