Wednesday, April 19, 2006

i need therapy

People missed me.
¡self validation!

I'm in a contemplative mood. Notice I don't say today. This mood only started about an hour ago. I'm not sure it's good for blogging in, maybe I'll just scribble in my diary instead :)

Yesterday saw the end of our ten-day workshop collaboration. It was a mad day and prompted a crazy rant in the middle of the afternoon on one of the computers in the department lab. I regretted it later, so it's considerably edited, but I needed it out there.

In other news, I once more made great plans of blogging last night – the theme being the ever elusive “tired and happy”. However, when I got home at eleven after the complimentary dinner and some very nice farewells, turned out that the server was down. Aaah. And this after receiving veiled threats regarding my windpipe, and promises of new reading material...

We also have a virus on the computer, which has somehow nuked the entire Office, ok just Excel but I need Excel dammittttttttttttt so I'm a bit miffed about that.

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