Thursday, April 13, 2006

i had the time

I have a new theory.

It seems to me as though I drop into a frenzy of writing only when I actually have the least time to do it, and when it is the most inopportune timing. I have updated my blog without fail almost every night in the past two weeks, in spite of coming home at times ranging from nine thirty to midnight; despite tons of work and countless submissions.
Today? Today is a holiday. Today I had to force myself to the blog.
What does that say about me? Easy. It's the contrary, without the cockle shells.
I developed another theory the morning before last on my method of forming friendships. I proposed a complete scientific study supported b examples and quotes. Naturally, as soon as I had mapped out the outline, I felt no more inclination to actually sit down and actually try typing it out.
The contrariness has spread too far.
Prepare for a really really long blog.

1. dogpal syndrome: developed April 11 2006, Tuesday

2. ooh-shiny syndrome: developed April 11 2006, Tuesday

3. time trouble: developed April 12 2006, Wednesday

4. time trouble part 2: developed April 13 2006, Thursday

5. tom-and-the-contraries syndrome: developed April 13 2006, Thursday

6. charge of the saint bernard: developed April 13 2006, Thursday

Hypotheses: Eh

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