Tuesday, April 4, 2006


Sometimes it seems like the universe has a soft spot for me somewhere in the recesses of its fickle heart. Whenever it seems as though I really can't handle whatever is going on in my life, I get a big ol' reprieve. Either this means I'm cashing in on some cosmic karmic balance I have going on for me somewhere (which is eventually gonna run out), or else this is a trial run for bigger things.
It's like there is someone out there keeping tabs on my stress levels, and whenever I exceed the prescibed dose (which is usually the point at which I say: fuck it, I'm going to sleep) there is a switch flipped, and all my troubles resolve themselves in truly miraculous ways.
They say, as a general rule, that no one is given more than they can handle. I wonder whether that's true, and if it is, whether this is all I can handle.

Of course, there is a distinct possibility that I'm just refining too much on something that is as simple as the fact that I'm the one who's always bent out of shape for no reason, while the rest of the world is just chillin'.

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