Sunday, April 23, 2006

from outside the happy circle

Yes, I do realize that it is past midnight, but although I have four major submissions due in the next week, I really needed to post this.
See, whenever I have a huge workload, I tend to spend my time reading things that are completely unrelated to the issues causing the stress.
(i have issues, OK? leave me alone. it's fine, I have a friend who's going to be a neurosurgeon. in the spirit of hipprocratic, lobotomy = end of problems)
Today, I read the Godfather. Also today, I went trolling through blogspot. The staggering number of blogs out there (choose from: blew my mind/ blew my socks off/blew me away/knocked me over/made me feel completely insignificant)
I realize now, that I'm way out of my league here. To think that I actually believed my writing was something special! You see me here flabbergasted! Also taken down a peg, not to mention abashed and humbled.
*heap big sigh*
Maybe in a couple of years, when I get the hang of it.
And I was so happy about the few kind folks who actually read my posts, too.

On the plus side, I learnt some basic html. There's a positive to everything.

Another thought just struck me: I doubt I would have felt very bad if I was in on the entire community feeling everyone seems to have. I mean, everyone knows everyone!! Linked and crosslinked.
I want in.

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