Sunday, May 7, 2006

surrendering to the inevitable

Fine. I accept.
I cannot write a single post on my hatred of the IT boom. Why? I have no idea. Instead, I'm going to stick to what I find the easiest - descriptions.
here's one i started a week and a day ago and only finished today. BUT! it has my first uploaded pictures!!! so check it out.
here's one i began yesterday and shelved because of my sudden need to write a scintillating post that would set others thinking blah blah blah but nothing happened. it is a little boring, but what the heck.

Someday, I tell you! Someday I'll write that post. As a civic conscious citizen and a lover of the environment, I owe it to my city to write about how I abhor what's happening to it. Unfortunately, my previous attempts have gone something like this:

I asked a person I met what he did for a living.
"Currently rating tier 2 and 3 Indian cities on their suitability for IT devopment", he told me.
"Dammit!" I said, "I hate unbridled IT development."
Then I had to leave for college, so I wasn't able to propound my profound views on the subject.
Thus, I try to dredge up all those witty and valid and well constructed points supporting my argument which I came up with during conversations (both real and imaginary) over the past few days.

The reasons I hate unbridled IT development in my city

Before I begin, two points:

a. Read the topic very carefully. It is a specific rant. Very specific.
b. I'm really hoping this post doesn't turn into a general rant about all the things I hate; because, frankly, when I start grousing, I find it hard to stop. Hence, I am going to restrict myself through the simple expedient of topics.

1. The construction
Perhaps it's strange for a student of architecture to say she hates construction. The way builders in Bangalore are going about it, however, just pisses me off. Every construction company worth its salt is offering up little

1. People
2. Money
3. People with money
4. Stupid people with money
Hmm. That is far too narrow minded. Let's stick to what I do know - construction (hey. no cracks from the hijackers. i know more than the average ranganath out there, so there's glory for you)

The main areas where construction has seen a boom are residential layouts and office construction. (guh. and malls, but don't get me friggin' started on friggin' malls) The so-called development of the city has seen a burgeoning urbamnm sprawl that is headed straight for disaster. The amount of money the average IT employee makes allows him/her (hmm. to be generic, and also for some fun, I will be using 'it' in place of him/her from this point on) to take out enormous loans and purchase cars and homes at a really early stage in life.

In fact, if I may say it, bleagh. I can't seem to string two coherent thoughts together to come up with one seamless point. Well. As my sister says, W. Enjoy the design adventures.

and the dead bird.

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