Wednesday, May 24, 2006

how does it get that bad

A student killed herself two days ago. Why do they do it, these young kids? What in your life can be so bad that you would want to end it all? I think and think and in the end I realize that a few years ago I wouldn't have been a very bad candidate for the suicide wagon myself. Sometimes the smallest of things gets magnified out of proportion, true, but the most terrible feeling of all is the incredible loneliness of having nobody to talk to. I got lucky. Very lucky. Some others didn't. This is why they have those helplines, isn't it? Reach out and touch someone.
Reach out and touch someone.

slum baby
Look at that face. Doesn't she make you cry?

And him? I cry every time he comes to our door. When they can smile, I guess it shouldn't be that hard to remind myself to, too.

And, in lighter news:

"displaey and sale in passage leading to M/s Woodworld there goods merchants and peacefull possesion is permited by oreder additional city civil & sessions court mayo all bangalore in o/s no 10478/92 c.c.h. 22 in 27-6-1992"



Do I really need more NDEs. I ask you.

The world is always worth it. Always.

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