Wednesday, May 31, 2006

post-weekend pictures for poor bleady


Walking to the bus stop. Early morning in cloudy weather; oh, nothing like it in the world.

(did i mention i hate overhead telephone lines? or cable. or electricity. paris sewers, man.)

Empty streets oh my!

Once we were underway, ACCIDENT!!!!!!
Poor girl. Our bus actually turned off into the side road so that the driver could chew her out. All us long-suffering students were bundled into another passing college bus. That is one thing endearing - the way all the drivers stick together.

There is, after all, that memorable story of how three college buses blocked Mysore Road just so a fourth could execute a U-turn; at one point standing perpendicular to the flow of traffic and also scratching a couple of cars in the process.
Unfortunately, all my knowledge of that incident comes from hearsay. *sigh* It would have made a good post.


Malleshwaram is incredibly beautiful. However, witness more annoying wires. Why o why!!

And now for absolutely the most disturbing set of pictures I have ever taken in my life.
(also the most fun)


drum roll, please....


poor dead rat

poor dead rat's face

And for the climax...

poor dead rat's highly disturbing mouth.

OK, I feel a little guilty now. Anyone want me to remove this picture?
I mean, but COME ON. It is the effin coolest grossest puke-inducingest thing ever.
Two days? Just two days. I'll remove it after that, I swear.

How about a moon blur?


On to more pleasant things.
Clouds at Kempegowda bus terminal.

Oh, but what did we humans ever do to deserve the sky?

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