Tuesday, May 9, 2006

oh. yes. finally.

It rained today. Oh, but it rained. I had to drive home on the Kinetic sans helmet, and I got caught good and proper. I was wearing this flimsy (but very pretty; I got five compliments today) sheer cream kurta (what was I thinking??) over black -ahem- innerwear. When I actually left the bus stop, there were these huge, grey, ominous looking clouds hanging over my head. Within a minute, a light drizzle had started. Because I was carrying my sheets and model and other numerous bags (but one short, because I forgot my lunch today. I also missed the bus in the morning, but that's neither here nor there) I decided to take a chance with the rain. Big mistake. When I got to 80ft road, out of nowhere, I was suddenly blasted with a deluge of water that soaked me to the bone and almost blew me off the scooter. I then proceeded to ride inspite of aforementioned deluge, and also despite winds that blew the rain horizontally any which way.
Got home soaked, sopping, sore and safe.
What a rush.

pa, 'polgies. it was just way too blogworthy
hv, i am not...what you said

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