Sunday, May 14, 2006

running away - unformatted

ohhhh i ran out of the house today it was cool let me tell you all about it.
parents are so overprotective! i wanted to get out of the house, and they said: no! too late! too dangerous! if i hadn't wanted to get out so bad i would have seen their point but i was so frustrated. the house was getting so oppressive. sometimes too much pleasantness gets on my head. sometimes i just need to get miserable.
At eight thirty, I was feeling completely pissed off about the world in general and architecture in particular and also about how i was soooooo bad with crowds and how i would never ever be a party person, so SAD. so i thought: dammit i gotta get outta here.
i announce to the house in general: I'm going out. then mom goes: where are you going? i say: out. she says: where?
then i throw a right royal tantrum about how i'm 21 and i can go out for a walk if i want to and they don't always need to know where i am at all times. and i ask her: why do i always have to have a destination (which i thought was sooo profound, by the way) and she says: that's the way we've been brought up. i scoff at her and then i stalk out of the house with the camera and my journal and phone etc etc
then i go back to get a jacket.

now comes the wonderful part. i was going to walk up to the CCD in Indranagar so I could sit by myself and just listen to what was going on in my head. i was just walking along, musing, with a wary eye out for lecherous roadside romeos, when i spotted two of my juniors from school out for a joy-ride - sweet boys; a lot of fun, very bright, very funny (by the way, i have noticed that i get along really well with boys who are younger than me or with older guys. hmm. why now? dunno why theories later) SO, anyway. i was pleasantly surprised and they stopped to chat, and we had a minor skirmish with some passing buffaloes. then we talked about deep things like the future and the past and how Tanay lost his cellphone in the sea while saving his beer. Moving on...
I continued on my path when I found I was near the house of one of my old classmates and i bethought myself of pa's sound advice and i thought I would just drop in and say hi.
his mom fed me payasam made with poppy seeds. then we went for a walk to buy bread and talked of friends and family and odds and ends then i went home. but i was still unbelievably restless, so more tantrums, because i hadn't had a chance to write anything.
but this time, the pater and mater put their collective feet down very firm so i got the key to the terrace from our neighbour and went up and lay flat on the ground and watched the sky and i wondered what would happen if i were lying there in my underwear and i dozed off under clouds flashing lightning and woke up covered in mosquito bites when my sister came to wake me up at midnight the end!

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