Wednesday, May 10, 2006

more rainy rides

Today started out as such an ornery day. I caught the college bus. I chatted with friends. I wasted time in class. I left early because of 'scruciating back pains. You know, the usual.
I was supposed to meet a friend - a very old and very close friend - in Corner House on Residency Road. Because of the rains, we decided to meet in Indranagar instead. So I went to pick her up, with my sister attendant. After almost missing her turn and subsequently holding up traffic in both directions executing a crazy u-turn on Old Madras Road, she was successfully picked up. We then proceeded homeward with no greater incident than me nearly running into some parked vehicles in my excitement.
We then went out cruising Tippasandra Main Road for accessories for her cousin's wedding next week. Oh, but I've missed walking in the rain with a friend to talk to.
After hot coffee and cold (no more hot chocolate for me, thanks) at CCD, accompanied by talks of people and things, we walked back home to penne with both white and red sauce courtesy my sister the chef. Books and music and mayur bhatnagar, followed by a drive to her house where we spent another half-hour talking.
Then a drive back home made interesting by pouring rain; the car stuck in the middle of Suranjan Das Road in a puddle; frantic call to parents returning home in the other car from a wedding; liberal splashing of self through appropriately opened window. Miraculous recovery of said car after a minute of determined forcing while simultaneously ignoring all the frenetic honking from all directions; and smooth journey thence once I thought of switching to petrol and opening the choke (car-related jargon, oh my! i feel like such a man.)
Life is spectacular sometimes.

I wish I had pictures.

4:45 a.m. on Thursday
I do believe I wasn't the unloved creature I always insisted on believing I was. People don't call you a sweetheart if they don't like you more than a little, do they? do they?? ahem.
I do believe I was always easily distracted.
Nothing really changes, does it?

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