Monday, March 26, 2007


Happy birthday to you, love.

What more can I say, really? Perhaps a bio. :)
March 26, 2006. A young, less confident, less articulate, less crazy T began, after inspiration derived from a boy, a blog. Her first blog. Without an idea of what blogging was, without an idea of the things she wanted to say, or didn't want to say. With a url that had her name in it, and a first post that was all pretension, she tiptoed, tentative, into revealing her soul.
Woke up at four and five, stayed up till one and two; wrote in spite of pains and aches and mother's nagging if only just to put down that one thought that refuses to sit silent in the head.
Perhaps that's why I write, to know what I am and who I am. And how well I can say it.

One cannot have anniversaries without thank yous. And so.
To San. The first one. In so many many ways, and not all nice ones. But I couldn't have done anything without you, babe.
To Mojo. First Fan. Adoptive parent. All-round fabulous person.
To PJ. Inspiration. Distraction.
To Bee. No words here.
To Andy. For pleasant conversations.
To the One. For the rhymes.
To Cat. 1066. And the children's section.
To Kishi. For pie. With cheese.
Oh, there are more. Monkie and AC and the boys of PSBB, and all the others I read and envy. I don't want to begin naming them, because I fear I won't know when to stop.
Let's just say, if you stop by here at all, there's a hug in it for you.

Thank you, everyone.
It's been a wonderful year.

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