Wednesday, April 4, 2007

placebo post

Last Monday morning, someone told me, "Find a way to celebrate."
So T went to office early. This was exciting because she had practically no work to do and absolutely no company at all. Hence the first couple of hours at the office were spent flopping like a fish and sending emails. Probably bad ideas, in retrospect.
And after that was lunch.

Finally, at half-past three, she decided enough was enough, and it was time to go out looking for adventure! She told the boss she needed to buy some things. And she took her helmet and her keys and her Levi Strauss Signature® gift coupons, and got out into the bright sunshine.
Barely ten minutes into the ride, T found adventure staring her in the face. Well, not precisely in the face. In fact, she came upon an entire crowd of people outside some school, all staring, in the most congenial manner, up into a tree.
So she stopped and took a picture of all of them. She refused on principle, however, to look up into the actual tree, which she regrets purely on a satisfying-curiosity basis. Besides, nothing would look quite as stupid as T with her helmet off and her mouth open and her eyes looking at a tree. Nothing she cares to discuss.

T drove across to Residency Road, to the Levi Strauss Signature® Store at Mota Royal Arcade. She went the long way around, and found parking in a very coincidental manner, with a vehicle being removed just as she passed by etcetera etcetera. She walked down, occasionally bumping into people with her helmet, meeting many many juniors from college, getting stared at by random people...the usual.
When she got to the store, she found it full of people. This was surprising, because, well, let's say you'd know if you went to the store. A moment later, however, she spotted a tell-tale blue gift coupon in the hands of each of those other young persons. Every fest this year, apparently! :)
This thrilled her so much that she left the store laughing and had to go back to pick up her forgotten helmet.

T followed up this adventurous outing, the mad shopping spree, with a post-lunch 'taco' at Pecos. With a few smoking boys, some clairvoyant waiters, and a couple of rude customers thrown in for free. And some music.

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