Friday, September 1, 2006


Perhaps it's useful doing these things over and over in new and improved settings. I don't know. The only things I seem to get out of them are brand new ways of describing what an astounding ass I am.
Went AWOL and worried the parental units, and they spent the evening calling up half my class. No one seemed to know where I was, perhaps because my phone was out and I was reading novels at a bookstore all by myself. The déjà vu was rather unnerving. Also the fact that I repeatedly have very tame adventures. *heap big sigh*
I don't like worrying my parents. It's a little thing I keep promising myself. It's a duty, see? Make sure they never have to worry about you except for all the things they already worry about for you.
It's all very well sneaking off and wandering around, but if you are going to give your parents reason to stay up late at night wondering where you are and what you're doing and what might be happening to you, then there is something amiss somewhere.

The shame is not a pleasant feeling.
The amusement? Perhaps a little :)

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