Wednesday, August 30, 2006

been a while

I think I was overdue one of those overdone 'venturful days.
Or something.
Sometimes I wonder if the reason most of my semi-laid plans go awry is some hidden need to put myself in situations where I will experience, willy-nilly, all the fun things that the best transport-related adventures are made of. Perhaps it is a crude but extremely efficient form of self-sabotage.
Then again, perhaps it just reflects my poor organizational skills.

Grande plans. I was to have visited TISB this morning regarding a case-study. I was to have called a certain person and arranged to accompany said person to school this morning. I was to have completed the case study by lunch-time.
Needless to say, none of the above transpired as planned. Two of the three did not transpire at all. (almost am i ashamed to start another of my "look what horrible things have been happening to poor lil ol' me". almost. but then, where's the fun in life if you can't get a good cribbin' story out of a day of pain and suffering? nowhere, that's where.)
I'd set the reminder on my phone to call {mystery person}. For Monday. For Tuesday. Multiple times. Each time the phone gave its plaintive cry, however, I dismissed it; either because I was too involved in the latest novel I was reading, whatever tripe I was watching on the telly (not really a regular word in my repertoire, but i just really, really wanted to use it) or the comfort of my bed.
I did remember for a brief moment on my way to the concert (oh, the concert!) but it was only to remark the failure to call. "Call in the morning", said my mother. The moment passed. My parents are unwitting promoters of my 'venturesome spirit. The concert was fabulous. The nighttime better-part-of-an-hour phone call was fun. sort of. :D
This morning was interesting. The time from half-past six till eight in the morning was spent in trying various numbers, but to no avail. So I decided, tentatively, to call the whole thing off and read Lords and Ladies instead. Good plan, right? Wrong.
At ten, I got a call that effectively decided me on a course of action (hmmm. that sounds okay, but if it isn't, please lemme know?).
Left at half-past ten.
Caught an auto practically at our doorstep.
was surprised by the luck. shouldn't have been
Waited five minutes at the bus stop.
reflected on my father's unexpected decision to let me go to unknown parts in unknown buses. felt grimly that some sort of idiot exciting day was headed my way
Caught a bus to Marathahalli.
looked out the window
Walked to the ring road.
calculated estimated time of arrival. was incidentally not off by very much. i know my days werry well
Caught a bus to Sarjapur Road.
well. he said he was headed to sarjapur road
Took a nap.
what can i say?
Woke up and realized I was headed somewhere wrong.
what can i say?
Exited bus and asked around. Nobody knew anything.
what can i say?
Walked three kilometers and reflected on wisdom of my pet deities.
*sigh* they are very, very good, aren't they?
Asked an auto to take me to the school. He asked for Rs. 200.
i might have paid. except that i only had Rs. 100
Caught a bus to an alleged International School. Had some guy sit next to me. Realized after a rather appreciable amount of time certain semi-transparent parts of my outfit were exposed.
notice the word "alleged". also, why do these things keep happening to me??
Turns out it was the wrong International School.
aha! suspenders! alleged!
Almost gave up. Instead began walking.
now, this is *always* a good thing to do. it means you are moving, and your feet are hurting, and you don't feel the despair of sitting in one place and bemoaning your lack of foresight, viz, not getting proper directions from your mother just because she yelled at you in the morning because you forgot to call and didn't plan and you're a useless child who wastes all her potential, etc
Found some adorable people and got directions.
somebody cares :)
Walked back to the bus top I'd just left. Waited with a sweet old crone and her basket of guavas. Ate a digestive biscuit and wondered if two hours was too large an investment to just throw away.
what? digestive biscuits. they're good for you!
Caught the next bus. Got off at the right stop. Looked around and knew not where to go. Called my mother at her school and told her I was going home. Got into some random vehicle going in some random direction, only because it was the only one in the road, and the man assured me I could eventually find my way to HAL.
Spotted large yellow buses proclaiming "TISB" barely five minutes into the ride.

i mean, really. what can i say?

The rest is soon told. Or rather, should be soon told, because this post is already far too long. Here are the highlights:
security booth. crumbs. children. drama teacher. manners. food. old teachers. waiting. sleepy babies. late rides. tea. dosas. home.
All my days are priceless.

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