Monday, September 25, 2006

far too many

I found myself at Bangalore Central with my sister this evening. I had to meet a guy about a thing, and this was the spot he'd chosen. Hence, naturally, I'd dragged the child along as chaperon. Now, Sunday evening at a mall is possibly one of the worst ideas a person can have. We hadn't been there ten minutes before I'd saturated both eyes and ears, stubbed my toes, and developed a highly unpleasant edge to my voice. Four escalators later, I was following my sister in her search of Wai Wai noodles and snapping at every second word out of her mouth. We followed that with a discovery that she'd picked shrimp instead of vegetarian, and a colourful pain-filled trip back down to the lobby. I wonder if humans are supposed to be so easily mesmerised by bright shiny lights. It's probably the idea behind advertising. And festivals. And fireworks. And a host of others i am too tired to imagine, but which will probably slip into my mind when least expected and wanted. The way of the world.
So, after the short, yet painful mall-crawling, we finally got what we'd gone for; and I drove home to television therapy and a two hour long nap. Now all I have to look forward is an entire 24-hour day of work I am in no mood or state to begin.

I just need to get this bitter taste out of my mouth.

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