Sunday, September 3, 2006


Here's some fun. Last night, I got a missed call from an unknown number. 9894411127, so you know. Many missed calls. Each time, my phone rang once, and the call was cut before I culd answer. I sent a message; "Who?" it said. I got a reply saying "i am in madras can u help tell me ur work" or something to that effect. Now, this sounded incredibly suspicious, so I ignored it. I then promptly received three more missed calls. Since this was in the middle of the night and I was sleeping, besides, I sent the unknown a message saying "Bugger off, I'm sleeping". "i dont understand", came a plainitive reply. I cursed all phones and went back to sleep.
This morning I got a three more of the single-ring calls; and finally, just to ensure that my instant radar was right and I wasn't inadvertantly ignoring a friend in distress, I called the number (9894411127, in case anyone's forgotten) It rang a number of times, but no one answered. I was left alone for four hours, and it happened again. This time, when I called, a man answered. Presumably in a very noisy environment. Perhaps a pub. Or a party. "I got your number", he said. "I will send my resume", he said.
I hung up.
I've since gotten five more calls and a message saying "tell me where u work and your email id".

Life was probably simpler in the olden days.

It's nice to believe that, anyway.

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