Wednesday, July 5, 2006

theory. installment one of many.

Come dance with me.

I love these theories I come up with, meanwhile. They have, most of them, absolutely no basis in fact, no conclusions drawn from anything approaching sensibly conducted experiments, and nothing concrete to back them up. They are merely products of an overactive imagination and a brutally underused mind.
(this reminds me of the essay on "gossip" i wrote aways back in the eighth standard. what a pompous earnest ass i was.)
Another necessary digression: my life is for analogies. I cannot go a day without drawing a parallel between two seemingly unrelated topics and then coming up with a million ways they are EXACTLY THE SAME. (also a fan of coincidences, adages, clich├ęs, similes, metaphors, idioms, proverbs; dang! it's those gosh-darned patterns again!)

To resume.
Here's my theory for the week. Life is like dance.

Dance in all its forms - ordered and not. Your thoughts and feelings and emotions as music to your words and actions and decisions. Sometimes there's no music, and sometimes there's no dance. If you could think just of life as just one great big dance party - where you learn the steps and the movements; where you discover which dances are yours, exclusively yours; where you make your own; where you find all those partners, the ones who step on your toes, the ones who make you feel you could fly, the ones you get in a conga line with; where you live.
All relationships are like dancing anyway, right? Rhythm. Space. Comfort zones. Sensuality. Sexuality. Power. Control. Leading. Following. Sharing.
Push and pull.
Give and take.

I just danced through all my friends and family. And people who are not friends or family. And people who are both.
I like this theory. It has a million holes, but it's such a painfully pretty theory. Elegant and possibly completely wrong.

post scripted:
mariah and amy and aretha and joss and nina and faith and christina.
also fiona and beth and sarah and norah and sheryl.
ooh and charlotte.

oh my lord.

i just thought it should be on a post.

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