Saturday, July 8, 2006

sing it

Chuck Palanhiuk talks of silence in Lullaby. I couldn't find it in my heart to agree with him.
Every time I listen to a different song, my brain chemistry rearranges itself. I find myself writing different things based on what I'm listening to. I think differently when it's Sarah. Or Reznor. Or Vedder. Right now this group, and I'm feeling special and smiley and sexy.

Silence is never a way out because my mind will always find a song that it can sing. I wonder if listening to my head will help me read my mind. What a delicious thought. Sometimes I find myself walking down the road in companionable silence with myself, and suddenly a line or a tune or a chorus will flit through and set me off in new tangents.
When I make lists on winamp I sometimes end up playing the same groups together, the same families after each other. My lists get repetitive; I play certain songs after others almost automatically, so that every time I hear the end of one particular song, I expect to hear the beginning of just another. And every list is a theme. I can't play Audioslave with Norah Jones. Or The Goo Goo Dolls with Ella Fitzerald. What I love about songs the most is how one song will just beg for another when you're listening, almost like they know they all belong.

So, naturally, the most interesting reactions occur when I listen to lists someone else has created. My sister has this way of juxtaposing the most unexpected songs next to each other. It makes for some very fluctuating mind swings. She'll never play the same songs after each other, or even the same groups together. She will somehow manage to go from Stone Temple Pilots to Dave Matthews Band in the space of twenty songs. There's no familiarity in the arrangements, and it's delicious.
ow. sexy. and now this. and ow again. :D

Speaking of music, I've never been much of a lyric person. I didn't really care what was being sung about so long as it got me feeling. But suddenly I'm listening to the words and suddenly I'm quoting songs to every second person and suddenly I see how the really good songs are poems. Only better. So much.

hmmmmm right now this song. what joy.
I guess this is what makes mixed tapes such amazing gifts. If you just pay attention.
Someone is going to get one. It might just be me.

*sigh* just because. this one always. for every mood this is my song.

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