Sunday, July 9, 2006

so say it, then

Words are much like all other good weapons - double edged.
Oh, how a word can be turned around and made to kick you in the face; how a word will start life meaning something and then get turned on its head entirely. With a little effort and a little attention, it is so easy to get just exactly the reaction you desire. Did you know how simple it was? But then again, is it only the words? And is it all an act? And if it isn't, then why is there this guilt? Why do I feel so dirty every time I use my words to pretend something so that I can make someone else feel better? Are lies as bad as they are painted? In the middle of the night, alone with your conscience, they too often are.
I despise how easy it is to use words to seem knowledgeable. I despair at how difficult it is to use words to say exactly, exactly, what you mean. I marvel at how close I can get and still be dissatisfied. I hate how sometimes the words aren't enough. I like how sometimes the words aren't necessary.
I love how it's people that make the words. I hate how it's people that make the words.
I love that I'm smiling right now. In the end, that makes it all worthwhile.

Song for today. Mmm-mm-mm. This one's gonna be in the head for a while.

P.S. Reunions are special.

how much this building begs photographs.

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