Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have just been over at Allie's and I have realised some very important facts:

1. I was never as funny as I thought I was
2. The first-and-only-boyfriend-who-is-now-ex kept me away from the internet and my blog and that was a bad thing for me to have allowed anyone to do
3. I have forgotten all the html that I once knew
4. Allie is awesome! And inspirational! Also there are real people who still care about language! (I don't know if you still check links, Allie. Chances are that you do because you have comment moderation, so if you are here... Welcome! I was not always as incoherent as my latest posts might make me appear to be. Once upon a time I was prolific, if not very interestingly so. Also you are awesome.)

I have also made some resolutions, viz:
1. No more zynga games
2. A return to the blog! That means the first blog and no making new ones just because I want to re-invent myself. That is not allowed.
3. Re-learn html and make the blog look like I've actually put some effort into it, for God's sake.
4. No whining about lack of blog-friends. They may never come, but whining will help nobody.
5. No more falling for jerks and making them the centre of my life! I AM SERIOUS T YOU HEAR ME.

These are my resolutions.
I had better stick to them, or else, etc.

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