Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The T is back to having adventures again. What I'm not sure of is whether the T is back in entirety, or if she only surfaces when I'm writing about her.

I went to the Himalayas. It was a time. There were many adventures with an Elf Express and lost horses and sleeping bags that fell in a stream and a cold goatherd's hut by night with snow leopards roaming the icy slopes eyeing sheep and goats. There was abandonment and reconciliation and a sari and a beard. It was a wonderful, magnificent, unforgettable time. I think I will forgo talking about it.

What else has been happening! So much. Let us enumerate...

There were the Iranians:
"This morning u ask me about I am your boy friend or not. Yes i am ur boy friend. Now cal me."

There was the gentleman at the theatre on my day off:
"The next time you go for a movie alone you should call me!"

There was the auto driver who refused to take my money (I did finally pay him) and then sent me morning SMSes:
"Smile-ever sad--never Speak--ever silence--never Share--ever hide--never Care--ever forget-never because we are BEST Friends forever. :)"

There was the recording I made for the M. K. Retail summer offers:
"Now save Rs. threeee hundred. Happy shopping!"
The recording is currently playing at all outlets in the city. :)

There was the woman who chased me across Shivajinagar bus terminal for Rs.5, the auto driver who gave me a lecture on what women should wear and then gave me credit because I didn't have change, the sunglasses I kept leaving everywhere I went, helpful strangers everywhere, the four blind people wandering around bus stands looking for their buses...

Life is back to being interesting. :)

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tangled said...

I am going to write about EACH OF THESE.
Slowly but steadily.

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