Saturday, August 2, 2008

a small minded girl

Boys and girls, the T has matrimonial posting on websites. *gasp*
In fact, for the last three months she has had the dubious pleasure of coming home to find the 'rents in front of the computer discussing "occasional non-vegetarian" and "social drinking". She thinks they are very naïve. She also is quite sure that she will not get married for another three years at the rate at which they're going through profiles. While mum takes a minute to at least go through interests to find "reading" somewhere, dad is more likely to take one look at the chap's face and reject him out of hand.
T is pleased at the ancestral behaviour.

Partly in defiance of the whole "we will select a 'good boy' for you" routine, partly because she needed something to do while home sick, and partly out of that old demon curiosity, she created a profile on a site alternate to the ones mummy and daddy have been frequenting. It took surprisingly little time, and was rather fun, all said and done.
In two days, then, she has found only-maybe-perhaps-two interesting gents, but could not help but notice the vast numbers of "simple down to earth guys" out there, and wonders what it means, exactly. She did also find a farmer, in which case simple and down-to-earth might be taken more literally, but she does not think the others had that in mind.

Meanwhile, adventure! As long as profiles like this exist, anyway:
i. m very good boy sinciar and inteligent and hardwarking man. i am a good dancer. and i have a black balt in taekwondo.

Such a bad girl as the T is. It would serve her right if she got beaten up by the black balt.


the Monk said...

I know this absolute gem of a aunties and uncles and weddings open conversations at weddings and get-togeethers like this now?

Meanwhile, we are in the US now...

tangled said...

Not really - but only because I haven't been to a family get-together in close to a year!
You already know about the "gem of a boy", you ass.

You went! :( You didn't even call to say! I'm very extremely annoyed at you - there was supposed to be a last meeting before you flew off across the planet!!

Anonymous said...

That's not *nice*, making fun of the poor fellow.

arvindiyer said...

Staying away from family functions at this time is quite the right thing to do. or else before you reach the place, there are people waiting in line ready to meet you and also this list of older aunties watching your every move!!! All the best:)

tech said...

You mean you don't know homeworks like geeta and bhagabata?

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