Thursday, August 7, 2008


Dear boys and girls
Thank you for stopping by. If you're one of the kind hundreds (yes! hundreds!) who've been here in the past and liked what you read, and told me so, then I must also thank you for keeping me going for as long as I managed...

Circumstances have made it impossible for me to continue writing, unfortunately - and I didn't think I could bear to have so much of myself out in blog-land mocking my inability to write two coherent sentences. Thus it was that I scrolled down on the settings page today and clicked the little blue button that said "Delete This Blog".
(Permanently delete this blog and all entries?
I'm afraid the blog is gone: all the archives, all the comments; everything. It's a decision that I'm currently glad I took - drastic times, drastic measures. I have no idea if I'll regret it later.
Hopefully not.

If you ever want to talk, or tell me you'll miss my blog (yay!) or that I'm an idiot and should never have deleted it (double yay!!) then please do email me at

Thanks and goodbye.


Spunky Monkey said...


Malaveeka said...


Arjun said...


duende said...

huh? not done. not done.

pencil thief said...


Sravanthi said...


Adorable Pancreas said...

*shock and horror*

arvindiyer said...

Arrey one by one if everyone shuts down.. then I guess we have to read the Times of India in the morning then.. *hyewwwkkkkk*

Take care. I shall miss your blog. And you are an idiot to have shut down. :)

the Monk said...

Idiot. I'll miss your blog.

Lyndsay said...

i've never read your blog before, but you still showed up in my google search.

apparently, you're the only one who's ever taken the time to write out what is said when you beat each temple in Zuma.

i don't know how you can delete a blog like that. shame on you.

camphor said...

Not good. NOT good.

Idiot. I was looking forward to coming here and taking a refreshing break.

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