Wednesday, February 28, 2007

what he said

I love you

I never said thank you, for the smiles , for the letter, for everything, for you, for me and the space in between
how u blow through my life, its narcissitic love to love you like it was me, it is something that few people will ever give to another's life,the warmth the honey coloured radiance that permeates my existence in ways better left unsaid .Thank you , thank you child

I'd forgotten how pleasant it was talking to you.

you are nice and special
such a wonderful ability to make friends and get people to like you.... cute eyes... wonderful writing skills

Because I like conversation
not just any conversation
but rather conversation with intelligent people
who possess a certain degree of wit and verbal inventiveness

how do i explain?
you're just good company

well i've been smiling for a while now

definitely attractive, yes. and so tall! and a great smile.

so glad i met you.

i love u too.

ten different hes, all chronological, and a different kind of ache each compliment.
A prize for anyone who knows who's who.

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