Friday, February 16, 2007

first week

It's been four days. Is that too soon?
But then when have I ever waited the proper time to do anything?

I'm afraid the next few posts might turn out to be too work-centric. I am spending nine of my day's hours there, though, so that makes sense. It's just doubtful whether any of it will be interesting.
Quick recap, T style.

Day Zero. (which reminds me. i will complete the IIT diaries on request. i promise.)
I was supposed to begin work on the Monday of this week. My mother had looked at the calendar the week before and told me it was a terrible day to start anything. Fortunately, my wonderful state decided to declare a bandh, and hence spent the day at home, in front of the television, on the internet and so on.
Later, as the evening came by, we attended the wedding reception of someone I knew. The son of a teacher, man! Was rather memorable. Made some ill-advised remarks in front of practically the entire faculty body of my old school. Had teachers promise to find me a nice boy.
"Begin in June", said the mother.
"Make sure he's tall and can speak English," I said, as I left them to eat paan in the car. Added many more points mentally on my way up the stairs.
Went to bed at midnight. That's how I prepare for long days the previous night, don't you know.

Day One.
Left home with exactly half an hour to get to office. Had a nice ride. Had a man drive his car into the scooter while looking out his window at an auto behind him. Yelled and screamed and cursed, but to no avail. Had to finally resort to thumping the hood of his car to get his attention, the creep. Wrote a vitriolic mental post on anger and my strange addictions and felt much better.
Got to the office at exactly ten in the morning. No one was there. Waited around for a while, and then called Boss One. His phone was turned off. Waited a while longer, and then called the colleague. "Get the keys from the house", says she.
So! The first day on the job and I got to open up the office. What a brilliance!!
I didn't get any work to do until one, and so I spent the time till then messaging people. Got some plans to edit and a section to do, and did all those things till seven. The electricity kept switching between on and off, so I catalogued all the books at the office when my computer died.
At seven, I left the office to attend another wedding reception, this time of unmet people. Strangers, even. One of those 'venturous days.
Got home at eleven. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I told myself. Sigh, I said.
Then went to bed.

Day Two.
Valentine's Day. Drew two sections.
Went to see the old Drama class. Breathing exercises. I've come a long way, I thought. Self-confidence isn't something to be scoffed at.

Day Three.
Missed R at work. She was at a friend's wedding, and I was left with all the serious people at work. Well, the ones who seem to think I'm nuts, anyway.
Spent the day doing two more sections. Was hungry and bored and hence ate my lunch at eleven. Went out to have "lunch" at three to a charming little Shree Krishna Sagar. Forgot to pay for my juice etc. The usual, in fact.
I suspect Boss A thinks I'm rather useless. Boss B seems to think me a highly amusing silly creature that comes with extra perks, viz. nice music.

Day Four.

But now I has to go to Chennai, so this will be completed later.

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