Monday, February 12, 2007


Darling, how tiresome it is to always want adulation that never comes. Oh, I appreciate the little bitty bits of attention that come my way, sure; and the compliments don't hurt. On the contrary.
The boys have run away, as was expected. I want someone, but only because he's the only one left. I just miss them. Nobody calls.
There's always someone to take the place of the person who has just left. Right from the beginning, there's always been someone there. I don't want that anymore.
Well, I'll still need the new people. New people are my reason for existence. I collect boys as I collect the compliments. They are the better jewels. And the ones that hit harder around the heart.
It's just that having a constant would make everything more meaningful.

I wish people would stay. Must you all always go? It hurts so, and I never know what to say to make you stay.

Comfortable, John Mayer. The tears came automatically.

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