Wednesday, November 8, 2006

ol, ul, li

Time for list making. What do I admire in other people?

Dedication Culture Courage Tolerance Veracity
Confidence Versatility Loyalty Empathy Tact
Faith Adaptability Honesty Sympathy Capability
Patience Conviction Passion Charisma Efficiency
Intelligence Talent Gumption Eloquence Determination
Knowledge Diligence Whimsy Silence Wisdom

All that I have not?

I want to make this a tag.
Write out as many things as you can that you admire in others, whether you have them or no
I tag the following:
Sowmya; when you find the time
Rahul; would you, please?
Erimentha; *your* list I would see
The One; oh, the temptation!

four for now, more later.

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