Sunday, November 12, 2006

go on with the story about the wedding cake

(but first...)

Saturday. Does anyone else have days this full?

I needed to go to college to pay some fees. Which were, incidentally, very far overdue. Because I'd spent the morning on the computer as usual, I left late. Which meant I had to take public transport. I did the usual - one autorickshaw, three buses. One day-pass.
Spent two hours running up and down from the department to bank to administration block; and then back and all over again.
Phone calls, letters and some pleading. Mission accomplished :)

Then, on to a play reading. In Jayanagar. Which meant Banashankari bus stand. Two buses, an elephant on the road, blisters on my feet.
Abstract play, absurd play. The discovery of many common connections. And people who do things they dream of. Theatre as a career. It isn't for me, but I want a dream to follow.

More buses, and some messaging. Invitations out to coffee. Boys are fun. :)

Ignorant, ignorant people in electronic shops. "addictaphone?" *sigh* Morons.

Starvation, waiting, and cheesy garlic bread. One at a table for four.

More buses. Half my life, I say. Half my life.

Dead bird. Oh, after so long!
(Fine, I'm morbid. That's what I am. But the bird? Was dead. I didn't do nothing. However, incidentally, the minute after I took the photograph, I got peed on by another crow. Now that's poetic justice. Very disgusting poetic justice, but I believe in it, so I sha'n't complain)

Dictaphone. Finally. What's Voice Activated Recording? Nobody knows. Teach your staff, please, people.
I'm such a sadist.

Bookshops; two. Books; four.
Mental mathematics and snobbery. Why must I always show off in front of people who seem to be well-read? For shame.

Unexpected calls and plans to go bowling.
Strolled along to Pecos while I waited. Alas, no corners. Wrote letters to myself in the midst of too many staring men for far too long. Suddenly, luckily, a corner downstairs; one already inhabited by a pleasant faced young man reading a nice hefty book.
(more snobbery in the offing. such a poseur! :).

Saw a senior; from school and from other things. Uncomfortable undivided attention, and hasty escape to aforementioned reading person. A T.S. Eliot play, and a chat with a complete stranger. Distractions, and cancellations. Other friends with mutual friends. Strange bearded man, and some seriously unwanted attention.
Apparently, the instincts are doing okay.

And to top off a wonderful day was a little old lady sitting next to me on the bus who gave me chips and cashews and juice.

What a jolly, jolly day. Once in a way, one needs something like this to realize just how wonderful people can be. And how not.

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