Tuesday, October 24, 2006

third tag

I've been tagged by another stranger. But then again, we are all family here in blogland.

So. Six things I love about my city

1. Wandering the streets with camera and journal. Café adventures.
2. Second-hand bookstores on Church street. Bookstores with chairs :)
3. Music in little pubs. Wiser youngsters to take me there.
4. Rs. 25 day pass. And the people to visit.
5. Night drives with the sibling on the Ring Road. And ice cream after.
6. Running into someone I know every time I step out of the house. And anywhere.

And I tag nobody. Nobody responds to my tags, anyhow.

All right, I tag Sow. There, now.

And for some fun.
That big fat dog might well be me :)

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