Sunday, October 8, 2006

old things

So it's been six months since I got here. And a few days more. It seems, at the risk of sounding trite, rather incredible. I've been happy here. What I'm missing are the new people. No one stops by any more, alas. But then, I think I post too often. Absence and the heart fonder and all that. The key is, to take a hiatus, and leave something fun to see.
Here are my pet posts, picked. Backwards.

social calls centennial passing bogeyman been a while the brothers singh more ventures ventures out of my face post forum too much input cobblestones! heavy in my name ol spirit sing theory :) crochet matrimonial café again running jam pictures king café mice late fool

There are twenty nine of them. If you run the mouse over, you get pretty green special effects. I promise I'll reply to every new comment I get. Really.
Someone tell me when I get boring.

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