Sunday, August 6, 2006


I feel the need for some rambling. Also some clearing of the head. Ummmmmm. Pinker has got me hook line and sinker. That was a bit too cute, no? Today's promise is: no returning to change content.
Things bothering me: the nice one. the not-so-nice one. the little one not little and the big one not big. There's enough obscurity in that last to keep me happy, and enough patterns to keep me high. Here is a question: how much compromise is compromise? And here is my cute thought for the day: the difference between boys and girls is that boys are free to go out wherever, and girls are free to get in wherever.
My sweet life, my dear heart, my angel. What is the use of a person without conversation? What do i want, do you know?
I decided today that i'd make a list. a wish list. a completely insane, this-person-can't-exist-in-real-life-without-imploding kind of a list, see? I Want. i want him to laugh at the things i laugh at. to know when to laugh with me, and when to cheer me up. to not always know the right thing to say, but to always try. to have a temper sometimes. to care about animals and the environment and culture and civilization. to worry needlessly once in a while. to know what a typo is. to love satire. and sarcasm. to love music. of all kinds. to love to dance. to have no addictions. to always love learning. to not mind when he's wrong. to not care about appearances. to be a ham. to be imperfect. and then to surprise me.

Memories are liars. And this is the danger, and this is the escape. 1mol at STP. How much of the things we miss is actually real? Nostalgia. Those Greek had good names for everything. The beauty is in how willingly we modify. That is the miracle. That we have a past that can be remembered. And that can be remembered wrong.
Today I am toothpaste.

And I broke the promise. But then I always do that when it comes to the writing.
(and this one wasn't supposed to be here...)

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