Wednesday, November 28, 2007

advisory: disturbing content

I have a new phone; it was a birthday present.
(My birthday was a week and a day ago - the 20th of November. Make a note, will you?)
It plays music, has an FM radio and takes pictures.
My sister took a picture of me in one of those pre-programmed frames. It was a clown; I think it is funny.

Yesterday I had an imaginary conversation with you; it was about me. I said, "Yes, I know. I like taking pictures of dead animals I see on the street. I don't see what the problem is - they're dead, aren't they?"

Today, the power went out at home around eleven. The sister went out to check if the lift was working, because if it was, that would mean the power had only tripped in our apartment and not in the entire building.
She came back inside screaming and crying because she'd seen a dead squirrel caught in the wires in the lift shaft.
Why did it have to be right outside our house?


I won't lie to you - I took a picture of that animal. I hate when animals die because they stray into the path of bulldozing human "progress"; but a dead animal is something that my fingers itch to document. I took that picture even as my guts rolled and my stomach clenched.
I fear there might be something wrong with me.

I won't be putting up that squirrel picture any time soon.
Road accidents are not public entertainment.

That, however...

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