Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I had
a cat on my lap
a dead lizard in the bathroom

Those were the easiest moments.

Last Saarang. Last Saarang. I like unexpected puns.
What can I say, really? Shall I recount how I walked to IIT from my aunt's house on three days, and still ended up spending close to Rs. 300 on transport alone? Shall I talk about rock shows with pizzas and new friends? Shall I confess to the guilt of being wrong about strangers? Shall I talk of old aches that never really go away? Talk of wounded pride and disappointments and the regret at wasted talent? Talk, once again, of the sting of outsider-ness?
Shall I wax eloquent on walks and talks with old, old friends and spanking new ones? Shall I talk of twinges of nostalgia from my Last Saarang? Aches of regret at this, my Last Saarang?
Let's not.
I shall talk of adventures instead; café adventures and transport adventures. Holding court and relating old adventures. Leaving behind camera and wallet and phone, wandering around searching on foot and in autos. No losses. Surprising, yes?
Indeed. And that's good, because surprises are the best things.

Meanwhile, resolutions failed miserably. Did I really expect otherwise?

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