Friday, January 5, 2007

bitter medicines

I don't usually get so specific about the things going on in my life, but frankly, I'm terribly upset.
So I wrote the CAT, yeah? Told my mum I wasn't really too keen on management, didn't want to do what everyone else was doing (which, incidentally, is what I insisted on bleating when I chose architecture over engineering, heh, and the law debacle? do not even ask etc) and then, at her insistence, I went ahead and registered to write it.
A month before the exam I got my hands on some four-year-old study material, and spent a little of my free time each week memorizing my tables and remembering my algebra.
I wrote the CAT in November, the day before my birthday. I had a very pleasant time writing it. Almost walked into the male loo at Christ College, lent strangers my pencil, made scornful mental remarks about some of the idiots in the hall... you know, the usual.

Two days ago I found out the CAT scores were out. My father told me they were. I'd forgotten they were supposed to be out this month. (well, i went in for the exam not knowing how long it was supposed to be. what can i say?)
So I went online to check out how badly I'd done, and found out I'd gotten a 98.72 percentile score.
Today I found out that I might have been rejected from IIMB because of my score in college, that 70% average I've been maintaining with such difficulty. Does anyone even know?
And I had applied nowhere except the IIMs. Not one of the numerous reputed colleges of management that would have, might have, been happy to extend me a call; and now it's too late again, always too late what is it with the bloody lateness, T??
I thought I didn't want to do management. And now I feel bad enough to cry. I guess it's because I suddenly realized I had a real chance.
have had.
Until now I only thought I hated architecture.

Of course, knowing my life and the watchful eyes of the Irony Gods, I'll probably just end up an architect in spite of myself. That might actually be funny enough to watch out for.
I'm still not in a very happy mood.
eh meh bleh bleh etc
Why must I always be such a goddamned fool??

Well, I know how to spell. Most of the time.
separate, chauffeur, onomatopoeia. Small small comfort.

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