Saturday, September 12, 2009

what's on my mind

A while ago I felt very loved.
Today I feel. less. I feel less loved. I feel misunderstood (then again i've always felt misunderstood) and maligned. (yes a good word i approve)

I'm wondering if it is up to me to apologize.
Do people do this often? Wonder if it's their job to apologize? Do they wonder at how simple things can go very wrong and blow themselves out of proportion and lead to yelling and tears and slammed-down-phones-in-the-middle-of-conversations? Do they worry about how to tell the other person they're sorry even though they don't think they're wrong? Do they worry about whether this is the end (the end my friend) and whether what does not kill you only makes you stronger?
I am not wrong. But I am sorry.
But I am not wrong.

How does this go, exactly?


Australopithecus said...

It goes exactly like that, alas.

philramble said...

Relationships can be debilitating if we let them limit us, but then, when one has given their all, there's little left to hold one up in the difficult moments.

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