Monday, June 23, 2008

and now...

but first: the letter has arrived! so has the email! and one of the two has been replied to already!

For the last four or five days, I've been moderately busy, and wholly stressed out, by the fact that I was to attend this gathering. The additional fact that the boss managed to fracture her leg, thus putting her out of commission and an enormous load of responsibility on my young, untried and rather attractive shoulders made it much harder to get through a day without clutching wildly at my hair and throwing myself off the balcony. However, it must be admitted that the T is glad to have overwhelming learning experiences that restore her happy balance.

It's four a.m. and I have notes to write up, a work-out session to drag myself to and a site to visit; so forgive me if I write about this some other time?
I'm just glad I feel like writing again.

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