Thursday, December 28, 2006

nerve endings

Tangled prepares for other trips. This time with the family. Four days without the internet.
What odds offered?

It is a sad truth that the T keeps attempting weaning herself from the internet and from the chat and other such empty-minded addictions. To her chagrin, she never manages very well. The addictions are noticeably less potent, but they haven't gone, by any means.
Four days without promises a much better chance to study the withdrawal.

In other news, the T has been:
- relearning her organic chemistry
- driving around town and getting lost in the wilderness that lies between Banashankari and Malleshwaram
- playing chaperone to sixteen-year-old again
- wishing for money
Yes. I want money. Poor people need not apply.

The holiday beckons. I go. See me next year. Or on the eve.
How long can I stay away? :)

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